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Creative Technology by Marian Moldovan and Jesús Martín


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Profesor Cálculo

Profesor Cálculo

Profesor Cálculo is a spanish Google Action which helps students to learn multiplication tables and that works as well as a memory exercise.

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Historias para recordar

Use our Spanish Google Action to train your memory with our 8 short stories you will be asked about.

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Historias para recordar
3D lamp

OpenLabs 3D Printed Lamp

We mixed creativity, 3D printing and electricity to create this short project in order to celebrate the born of our new space in BEEVA.

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Meet the Martians

Marian Photo

Marian Moldovan

Hey! That's me, the Marian in Martians. Tech enthusiast, software engineer and maker. Everything can be done with some code, 3D printing and soldering.

Jesús Martín

Hi there, I am the Martin in Martians. I am a UX Designer trying to find new experiences in our interactions with software. You can find more about me in

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2018 - Eventbrite link

We talked about Conversational Interfaces in Science Fiction and how far we are from the interactions we always dreamt about.

2018 - Chatbots Course. Course link
2018 - Dialogflow Madrid. Meetup link
2018 - OpenDayLabs Madrid.
2017 - ChatbotConf Vienna.
2016 - API Days Barcelona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you?

These projects are things that we do for fun. Because we love challenges and creativity. If you believe in these two rules feel free to contact us.

Do you do this for a living?

We are both technology researchers and this is just a bunch of side projects that we start to find where they take us.

Are you really from Mars?

We got this question a lot. The answers is simple. Yes and No. We hope that works for you.

Is there water in Mars?

We believe there's beer there. Otherwise no one will ever go there to live.

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